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From the Desk of Directors

Leaders of the Company

Rohit Verma

Director -

A virtuoso in team building and sales, his vision, hard work, and sheer consistency has given a robust shape to the company. He actively operates in administrative and sales section of the company.

Saurabh Gupta

Director -

Personifying great business acumen, he is the one who bridges the gap between unachievable and achievable. He possesses amazing presentation skills and excels as a business developer.

Pramod Jassoria

CEO & Director -

Youngest of the three, he is the most enthusiastic and zealous director of the company. Insanely creative and flamboyant in producing the desired results - he has proven himself as the biggest asset to the company.

Business Ethics

Understand our Policies and Practices

No business can stand without defining its moral compass. CIPL adheres to the following code of conduct which have shown us the ideal direction in every possible way out:

  • Educate from Past, Stay Focused at Present, Plan for Future.
  • Learning from self-experiences is the best learning any one can ever have. We are perennially driven to learn from our past experience and make amends to all the areas where we can improve. This methodology helps in preparation of future prospects.
  • Gain Knowledge, Stay Teachable
  • Staying teachable and learning to unlearn has remained one of our principles. We believe no business can ever work without having absolute knowledge of its operations. We are ardent towards gaining business knowledge from wherever we can.
  • Tether Talented Human Resource
  • No company can function properly without a team of talented, hard working individuals. We seek the right set of people who are ready to work with us and take our ideas forward in the best ways possible.
  • Master your Skill Set
  • We believe in mastering the ground knowledge, in order to show maximum versatility in our projects. We always prefer to equip the garnered knowledge in everything we do.
  • Work on Your Ideas
  • An Idea left out is an opportunity missed. We are always a step or two ahead of our present work. We like to keep an eye on our next projects for optimal productivity.
  • Never Repeat Your Mistakes
  • Only the fools are said to repeat their mistakes. We refrain from conducting similar errors we have made over the years. We scrutinize our errors and find reasons for the mistakes, so as to ensure it never happens again.
  • Encourage Punctuality
  • Punctuality brings brimful rewards. Completion of projects on time helps in enhancing the goodwill. We cater to being stern with our team members when it comes to valuing time.

4c's of CIPL

Collection of Knowledge

We collect all the necessary information before any initiation.

Combining Resources

We combine the available resources required for execution.

Connecting with People

We deploy skilled people required for precise execution.

Conviction of Ideas and Actions

We market the project with the right expression.


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