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Domain & Web Package

Get everything from Domain name, hosting in a Xeon Server(One of the fastest available...


Mobile Site Builder

A revolutionary tool which helps anyone to develop mobile version of your website...


SEO Training School

Online portal for which teaches basic to advanced Search engine Optimisation...



Corporate online institute of Professional learning – Online learning portal...



A revolutionary invention of a dataCard which runs Online Video courses of COIPL...


All Product Package

Helps you subscribe all Products at an amazing and unbelievable 40% Discount....


Why choose us?

You would have heard people saying that you get website hosted in 6 $ a year of 10 $ a year, and u get a domain name for 10 $, but then why to choose CIPL’s initiate of the Ict Development project?

The answer is quite simple to understand, our motto here in the ICT development project is "Simplifying Technology" which we had been doing since the past couple of years, we not only provide you with the best of the services but we also provide training and counseling from choosing a domain name to increasing traffic to your website, but this is not it, apart from hosting and domain registration our package comprises of lots of other valuables like high quality professional computer courses from designing to development, from animation to CAD and much more, we also have introduced the technology of CS Education card which offers online education without an internet connection.

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